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Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

CPA Marketing Tips - Premiere Online Practice Management Guide for Accounting Professionals
Testimonials on the materials by accounting professionals
The Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is used by CPAs, Chartered Accountants and Accounting firms in 45 states in US and 30 countries worldwide to get a constant flow of year-round Accounting clients inexpensively and predictably.

What Accountants have to say about the materials in the Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

The Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course will give you a LOT of new information not available anywhere else – and we guarantee that you will be interested.

Here's what other Accounting Professionals say about these materials in testimonials sent voluntarily us.


"Harry Kafka's marketing guides were instrumental in helping my firm to reach almost full market penetration of our area. I am often able to gain new clients long after our initial contact because our message was clear and rememberable. This is critical given the small number of prospective clients within our target area.

With the help of these marketing systems, my practice grew from $59K to $280K (2001 Gross Revenue Collected) in one year. This year is on track to reach $400K. My main concern now is getting all the work done!


Dean Owen, CPA, PSC
Certified Public Accountant/Certified Business Manager
Kentucky, USA

"The points made were easy to understand, and the style of writing was interesting and friendly...learning what the potential client is looking for in an accounting service and how he views the accounting profession as a whole was extremely helpful.

"...the ideas and views are unique and refreshing. The course is geared for the accountant who wishes to get inside the mind of the potential client.

"A worthy investment. I really haven't found any other course or source with the breadth of insight and ideas that your couse provides anywhere else.

"It gave me MORE than I expected.

"More confidence, knowledge and business! I now know how to do a direct mailing campaign and what kind of letters to send, I know how to meet with prospects and what to do with them once I have them as clients."

N.S., CPA, New York, USA

"I have been investigating and deliberating over your accountancy promotion system for the last three months. I have also been co-operating with you (Harry Kafka) on the drafting of the web site.

"Mr Kafka, I believe the result to be very professional and should help me pick up clients. It is effective without being so sophisticated that clients will run a mile. I am hoping it will also avoid the need for an expensive brochure.

"I am surprised and grateful at the magnificent level of support you have given me."

R.S. Chartered Accountants, London, UK

"To Harry Kafka - I was impressed with the useful information that I received - it was to the point and informative.

"We keep referring back to the kit on a weekly basis to help us with our marketing. The kit is well prepared and contains everything a small practice can use to grow their client base. It is a worthwhile investment."

B.P., Accounting and Management Specialists, Canada

"Dear Mr Kafka,

"We have received more benefits from the course than just new client contacts. The bidding process has assisted us in referral clients as well as existing clients. We have been in existence since 1983 and have a rather large tax client base for our size firm (2 partners and 2 office staff).

"For the past year and a half we have been paring down our tax practice and increasing our consulting and educational services.

"I have used the interview and bid sheets on 6 clients which resulted in 5 sales."

K. B. A., CPA,
The Aldenderfer Group, Atlanta, GA, USA

"To Harry Kafka:

"I must confess that I have NEVER seen a work like this, Harry. The depth of this work is absolutely staggering...

"Another thing that strikes me unique is the honesty with which this work is written. Nothing is held back. I've never seen such a detailed work giving ALL the insider secrets...

"Harry Kafka takes a calculated risk by telling you everything, he even reveals what it was that made YOU buy this work!"

S.W., Chartered Accountant
Alberta, Canada

"Mr Harry Kafka — This is perfect timing!

"The first 28 pages were enough to convince me to completely change what we do for clients.

"You, Mr Kafka, are incredibly logical and compelling. Based on your marketing program (especially the surveys) I began setting up monthly meetings with clients.

"Early results are far better than expected. I start by reviewing a few items that are significantly out-of-line. However, discussions soon shift to areas that would not otherwise come to my attention in time, if at all.

"They include buying new assets, a buyout, refinancing, credit and collection, family conflicts, management, new business efforts, outsourced bookkeeping, new accounting software, budgeting, changing a the legal form of a business, an estate plan and more.

"I have not yet finished reading your first manual..."

M.B., Certified Public Accountant, public speaker,
Florida, USA

"Dear Mr Kafka,

"This is BY FAR the best for price of any practice development system I have seen..."

D.M., Certified Public Accountant, CFP
California, USA

"To Harry Kafka:

"Harry, I can't thank you enough for your help. The information you give is both lively and practical. But more importantly it is REAL.

I am certain you could charge far more money than you do. Just the section on product creation alone will make me thousands of pounds in the next 60 days…..

Last year I paid over £1,000 to attended a seminar... and learned a fraction of the information in your work - I honestly think you should charge far more than you do. It's a goldmine of practical knowledge and techniques that ANYONE could use to start making some real money..."

S.H., Financial Consultant
Blackpool, United Kingdom

"Dear Harry Kafka,

"Finally, I have found concepts and strategies that can be easily understood and implemented in a practical way.

"The whole text is clear, with useful remarks and didactic methodology. In this part of the world there is nothing similar to
this training material developed to produce more and better businesses.

"Our local rules of ethical conduct require sobriety and truthful information from CPA advertising. This package meets those quite rigid models accepted by the local conservative business community.

"Mr Kafka, I believe that, this material, adding some minor changes to adapt it to our local mentality, will be very useful to many Professionals in South America, whom are striving to increase business in a difficult environment."

Juan Jose Davidovich, CPA
Buenos Aires, Argentina

The top professional's viewpoint

Hundreds of Chartered Accountants, Accounting practices and Certified Public Accountants have already experienced the benefits from these materials.

It is a unique course that delivers what it promises. And we have a statement to that effect from one of the most respected Accountancy marketing experts on the planet...

This is what Mr. Paul Dunn, the Founding Chairman of Results Accountants Systems (RAS) and the creator of the world-famous Accountants' Boot Camp has to say about the information and tools within these course materials:

Mr Paul Dunn, Founding Chairman RAS:

"This... is THE best written system on marketing the small-scale practice than anything I've ever set eyes upon. Tremendous results-producing stuff!

Harry Kafka is the most effective ‘how-to’ writer I’ve ever encountered. It is a Godsend that he chooses to write truly useable material for Accountants in public practice around the world.

Whatever Harry Kafka writes about is down-to-earth and practical (and even more importantly, it is well thought out AND on top of that, it works).

Don’t even think about delaying; get Harry’s material, put it to work and watch your profits multiply."

Paul Dunn
Founding Chairman
Results Accountants' Systems (RAS)

Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course


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