High quality visual aide for presenting accounting services. Impress potential clients with unique benefits they receive from your CPA / accounting firm. Ready to use presenter kit...

Accounting Service Presenter Kit

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Creating a superb impression on your CPA prospects
A special presentation portfolio for CPA & accounting firms to use with potential clients. Simply print out this high-quality, 15-page, four-color presenter kit and you have a unique visual presentation that will impress your prospects!

Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

Accounting Service Presenter Kit:
A high quality presentation portfolio to use in selling your services.

This presenter kit is intended for use with a monthly consulting -type of accounting service as the ones given in the Professional CPA Marketing & Sales System and Accountancy Referrals Acquisition System.

The basic principle of such service is keeping the client informed about the development of his finances and monitoring 3-10 key figures for him with a monthly comparison done in person.


Visual presentation of accounting service

Of all perceptions, sight is often the most predominant. What we see is what we believe. This is why it is well worth the trouble to add a visual element to your presentation.

The Accounting Service Presenter Kit makes it much easier to present your services. It gives the prospects a more tangible idea of your firm and services. It gives you something to work with – making it easier for your prospective client to SEE and understand the concept and benefits that you're offering.

Accounting Service Presenter Kit

Adding that extra something to your presentation

A visual presentation always helps to make the presented service more REAL to the client or prospect. It will give "meat" to the bones – the basic structure – of your service.

It is so important to make use of every possible means of making a positive impression. Any time you fail in sales, you succeed more than 90 percent – in fact, it could be that it's a 99% success. But to GET the sale, you need 100 percent!

This visual aide will add that extra something to your presentation...

Using the Presenter Kit
You can have your Accounting Service Presenter Portfolio in a normal binder to use for presentations.
It will immediately give you a way to ensure that your prospect or client gets a high quality image of your service.
Or, you can buy a presenter binder that becomes a miniature display system by turning the flaps into a triangle shape. This is easy and light to take with you to any meeting or even trips.

Save on your Accounting firm presentation costs!You can also order a tailor-made Accounting Service Presentaton Kit (additional fee) and then use it in you computer or laptop as a slideshow presentation. A screen-optimized version of your presentation will impress your clients.

This version can also be uploaded onto Internet and e-mailed to clients - that's how versatile the Portable Document Format of Adobe Acrobat is. Practically everyone has Acrobat Reader installed in their computers, so you can even send the presentation on a diskette with your quote or letter! How's that for saving on printing & brochure costs?


What you get with your Accounting Service Presenter kit

The Accounting Service Presenter kit is a ready made, 15-page four-color presentation kit with graphics and text that you print with an ink jet printer or color laser. On each page, a space has been left for your name, firm, and contact data. The package includes detailed instructions how you can easily add your contact information by printing them onto the once-printed sheets.

The sheets are in landscape orientation and either in letter-size or A4 paper size.

Different versions exist for CPAs (letter-size) and Chartered Accountants (A4-size). If you need an additional version or combination, we will create it for you if none of the existing sizes and version fit your classification & paper sheet size.

The product is delivered as an Acrobat Reader (PDF) file which you then print with an ink jet color printer and insert in plastic page holders in a binder of your choice. You only print one copy, which you then use to present your firm and services to your clients.

This do-it-yourself kit serves the needs of most accounting professionals. Should you need specific text in yours, we can also create a totally tailored Accounting Service Presenter kit for you for an additional fee. Contact us with details for a quote.

This is an excellent tool to make your service more understandable to your potential clients. The benefits will become much more concrete for the average business owner with a visual presentation.

After all, it is that understanding of "what does this give ME?" that is the all-important factor in clients' decision-making!


The all-important CONTENT in presentation of accounting services

In presenting accounting services, you're forever competing with the prospect's existing accounting firm. Changing accountants is a major thing for him - and to achieve that, you must give him a REASON to change.

It is the MESSAGE that counts. It is the approach, the "hot buttons" of clients that you use in your presentation... the very core of the problem that client has... explained precisely from HIS VIEWPOINT.

That is SO VITAL. That's what makes the difference. That's the secret why a client picks a certain accounting professional. You've managed to explain it from HIS viewpoint... and that's something he can relate to and believe that you will make a difference.

Having a ready-made presentation will make that difference for you. After all, potential clients are out to evaluate and COMPARE you with other accounting professionals.


Saving a bundle

Having a tested and proven presenter kit will save you a lot of time while increasing the efficiency of your presentation. But purchasing the Accounting Service Presenter kit will also save you a bundle of money - for to have such a presentation created by an ad agency would cost at least a thousand dollars... or three times that.

The Accounting Service Presenter kit is very valuable but it is not available on its own, but only as part of the Modern Accountancy Marketing Course as an extra bonus.

Please click the link to get a briefing on this system that CPAs, Chartered accountants and accounting firms trust already in 45 states within US and 30 countries worldwide.






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