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Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

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Frequently Asked Questions about the Modern Accountancy Marketing Course
The Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is used by CPAs, Chartered Accountants and Accounting firms in 45 states in US and 30 countries worldwide to get a constant flow of year-round Accounting clients inexpensively and predictably.

Frequently asked questions about the Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course


What size practice is this marketing and sales system for?

Any size, really. But the most benefits are obtained by small to medium sized accounting firms due to the practical and cost-efficient nature of the tools and systems. The bigger firms can afford to invest hundreds of thousands into marketing and thus, don't have a need for cost-efficient systems like these.

But for a smaller practice, these systems offer quite an equaliser.


I don't want to contact people or make cold calls. Can I use your system regardless and obtain results?

Yes. There are many tested systems for obtaining prospective clients and you don't have to do any cold calling. Once you get the first six parts of the course, you will know how to get prospects without having to do things you don't feel comfortable doing.


Do I have to commit to some specific service with this course? What if I don't like the course materials or the system?

The added-value service that this system is based on in its marketing is something that every single accounting professional ALREADY DELIVERS to his clients. The only difference is that with this system, clients truly appreciate the service... and you get paid for everything you do.

Thus, the system is really based on the basic accounting service that you already deliver. And you don't have to commit to anything but can terminate your course subscription at any time.


I have bought a couple of your individual manuals from your US web sites. Is the Modern Accountancy Marketing Course the same as these manuals?

No, it isn't. Certain basic strategies are similar, some tools also. However, the Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is totally new text and content with greatly expanded and improved systems.

Thus, only a very small percentage is something you could have picked from our individual US manuals.

More to the point, the Modern Accountancy Course is a definite improvement over any and all previous materials. And its scope, reach and extent is in a totally different order of magnitude. Here, no effort has been saved and every detail and instruction has been included in the manuals.


Is the Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course also for the American market?

The course suits any and all accounting firm anywhere in the world.

It will serve US-based accounting & CPA firms, Canadian Chartered Accountants as well as practitioners in Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, and other countries. However, some aspects of the course (such as references to Value Added Tax) suit only UK and Europe. But these form a very small part of the whole so the course is applicable to anywhere in the world.


What if you don't have any clients in my country?

The course is based on universal needs of business owners so the vast majority of its contents and tools will be applicable to any country on earth. However, if you are from a country new to this system, you can apply for a special, lower subscription cost based on that. (Not applicable to UK, Ireland, U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Malta.)

In that case, please email us to enquire about this alternative and explain your location and situation and we will make you an offer based on your circumstances.


I only want selected parts of the course... is it possible to purchase only those parts?

The Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course builds on itself in that earlier parts are often needed to obtain the full benefits of later parts. This is why we sell it as a full 12-part course instead of offering individual manuals.

It is possible to purchase "blocks" of the course (as certain manuals and parts are interdependent) but we do not advise that because you lose the special lower per-part price offer and thus a few manuals can end up costing just as much (or more) than the full subscription.

All of the materials are useful and although some parts may seem redundant NOW you will find the information useful and profitable within the next few months or years.

Purchased separately, the basic price of a single manual is £197.00 with the exception of Part 12 whose retail price (sold separately and NOT within a full subscription) is £597.00.

For example, you would need parts 2, possibly 3 and definitely 4, 5 and 6 in order to receive FULL benefits of Part 12 — and these seven manuals would cost £1,779.00 purchased separately while the WHOLE 12-part course subscription could be only £1,067.00... so obviously it's not worth your while to purchase separate manuals. If you still want to do so, please contact us with your request.


Can I get parts faster than once a month... or possibly purchase the whole 12 parts at once?

Yes, you can speed up the delivery schedule as you wish but you cannot slow it down from one part a month without losing the lower subscription price benefit.

For instance, if after Part 2 you want to receive parts 3, 4 and 5 immediately, simply email us and we will charge your card for these parts, deliver the downloading instructions... and then resume your monthly subscription from Part 6 on your NEXT scheduled monthly delivery date.

You can also order all of the 12 parts at once or, at any time during your subscription, order the remaining parts to be charged on your card and delivered immediately.

Note that if you're paying by cheque then we require you to send the payment for your order prior to delivery. Also note that any parts received cannot be cancelled or refunded as the right to terminate your subscription is only applicable to course parts not yet delivered or charged per the monthly schedule and that speeding up your delivery on part of the course will also speed up the delivery order as explained above (moving up the delivery of the next as-yet-undelivered part for the next monthly delivery schedule of your subscription)


What type of firms are your clients?

Any kind of accounting professional in public practice can use this system. Thus, while we have lots of Chartered Accountants and Certified Public Accountants among our clients, we also have bookkeeping and accounting firms as well.

In UK, it's mostly Chartered Accountants and Chartered Certified Accountants. Similarly, in Canada it is Chartered Accountants in the main. In US, CPA firms.

However, we have many accounting firms without these classifications and I want to stress that this system does not require any such status or exams from the practitioner.

As to the size of our clients, it ranges from one-man home-based practices just starting up and all the way to firms with 20-30 personnel.


Your web site was very informative and I'm very interested in your system. But it all sounds too good to be true! Can you really DELIVER?

By noting that "it all sounds too good to be true" you've actually hit exactly the main problem that we have in marketing the Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course!

It DOES sound too good to be true but only because one can only compare it to other existing marketing systems offered for accounting firms. As far as we know, our system is the only one based on a live & successful marketing activity that was documented into written course form only AFTER having been used for several years.

Thus, the approach is directly opposite to anything else on the market. Where others sit down to create a system to be sold to you, we created a system for ourselves to use in delivering RESULTS to accounting firms. As we sold the RESULTS (and not the system) we HAD to develop it into something that really works well and cost-efficiently.

And that's why we had to find what works. We STARTED with what is being offered currently and it didn't work. Thus, our system became very different.

But it is tested and proven in use... and it has precise ready-to-use tools that work and are easy to use for any accounting professional.

It sounds too good to be true simply because it has no comparison among existing marketing systems. You can only compare it to your own GOALS for expanding your practice at will and with relative ease. It only works with that original idea you once had that obtaining new clients should be possible to do without high cost.

With this system, you can.

We're not claiming that it's a perfect system. We only say that it WORKS. And if you read the materials and use the tools as instructed, it will deliver... just like it has done thousands of times earlier in the hands of countless accounting professionals.


Will I find that I need to buy some additional services or products once I sign onto the course? Why is it so inexpensive compared to other solutions offered — what's the catch?

No, you won't have to purchase anything additional. The course fee covers it all. We do offer a prospecting web site package too, but you don't need it to get full benefit out of your course.

There is no catch. Our goal is to offer affordable solutions that work.


You say this system works better than any other. On what do you base that claim?

As far as I know, this is the only marketing & sales system that has been extensively tested and piloted with dozens of practices for more than three years BEFORE it was launched in a "do-it-yourself" format on the Internet.

Whether or not other such projects exist, the important point is that this system has been used to obtain more than 10,000 preselected prospective clients and thousands of clients for accounting firms.

We have personally used this system and we know that it works, how it works and also how to find out where the problem is if it doesn't work in your hands.

That's light-years ahead of mere compilations of bright, untried and unproven ideas. Whether or not others offer such, I don't know. But I do know that our system is as robust and tested as the legendary British four-wheeler workhorse... it will do the job!


What if I don't have time to implement the systems in the course?

The course has two main functions. First, it gives you a thorough briefing on the fundamental factors influencing the many aspects of marketing and selling accounting services.

Secondly, it gives you the systems down to ready-to-use tools which you can use whenever you want to implement any part of the system.

You don't have to use it immediately. Unless you're in a hurry, it's actually better to read each part as it comes and reflect on the materials. It's a learning process into the practical, directly-effect-producing marketing & sales activities of an accounting firm.

If you only read the materials, you will find that your outlook on success changes and you cannot help but start increasing your success ratio!


What if I don't have time to even read the manuals every month?

Well, first of all, I'm told that the materials make quite compelling reading, so you might be surprised how you'll find time for it. They are easy to read, down to earth and practical. There are many insider tips that you will not have heard of before.

But most accounting professionals do have much work at times and may have to postpone reading a part for a few weeks. The vital thing is to OBTAIN these materials and tools.

This course will not be available forever — we only sell a limited number of these manuals.

Also, by ordering now, you secure the current price per part for the whole duration of the course.

The price will go up so it is wise to order now. That way, you ensure that you get these priceless systems and also that you get the lowest possible price for your subscription. Even a ten-pound price increase per part will mean an additional £120 in the whole cost of the course.


What if I don't succeed with this system and get no results?

Each part containing tools or techniques includes an extensive troubleshooting tool that helps you to find where the problem is and tells you how to adjust the system so that it starts producing. This troubleshooting advice comes from years of experience and I guarantee it will help you to find the problem.

If not, we stand by to offer assistance with our support service. This is a living, breathing system that is used by hundreds of practices around the globe. It works and it works in the hands of ANY accounting professional. So rest assured, you will get the system working and producing the wanted results!

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