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The delicate balance of the competition for local accounting clients in current economical climate

The competition for LOCAL clients is fiercest...Most accounting clients prefer a local accountant or CPA. Equally, the rivalry for accounting clients between firms is hardest locally.

Hence, future success depends mainly on how well an accounting practice or CPA firm establishes itself locally.

In the present economical climate, clients are continually trying to cut costs. In this, first in line come those expenses which they view as "identical from one service provider to another." In other words, if a service is "the same" regardless of where you buy it, you try to get it at as low a cost as possible.

Services seen as identical include office cleaning, maintenance, subcontracting... and, unfortunately, also accounting services.

With all the publicity of accounting standards and exact compliance to legislation, the average business owner believes that "all accountants do the same thing and their services are identical."

Our survey also shows this, in fact. But it is also common sense: Where people think services are more or less the same from one provider to the next, they go for minimizing the cost.

With money getting forever more tight and resources withering, the traditional accounting marketing strategy of "being there and announcing one's availability" doesn't work much (or at all) any longer.


Local market for accounting services and the growth factor of accountancy service delivery

In its infancy: The marketing for accounting servicesSince so few business owners actually utilize the full extent of your financial expertise, the market for accounting services is mainly based on compliance services — those mandatory accounting tasks for which clients use you.

This leaves a huge unutilized potential: Your own expertise harnessed in such a form that business owners can understand the benefits and use the information in their daily decision-making.

This potential is of course formed out of services which are not done because they are compulsory, but which the business owner would receive help for the running his organization.

The growth factor is exponential WHATEVER the economical situation, because this service will help the client SURVIVE better. When times are hard, everyone is centered on suriviving. In better times, more so. More survival equals success.

Even in a slow economy it is possible not only to survive, but even EXPAND and increase profits. It's a question of tools and doing the right things in a correct gradient.

There is very litto (or no) growth in compliance services, there hasn't really been any for a long while now. More and more people study accounting, get licensed, hang up a shingle — legislation creates an automatic market from which we've all been benefiting.

But now overseas and online services can sell the same services cheaper and cheaper. And then there are the big companies with their conveyer belt service models.

Today, real potential for growth lies not in competing on compliance services but in being able to provide added value services that clients WANT and NEED.

The growth comes from increasing the DEGREE to which business clients utilize the accounting professional's expertise and knowhow.

- Tax return Sydney -


Want to get more clients who actuallyl care what's going on and appreciate your advice and help?

Ignorant clients and accountants who don't care anymore...The bulk of accounting clients are those who do NOT understand the value of financial expertise of their accounting firm.

Not only are they oblivious of the benefits available from a CPA or accountant, but they react with FEELINGS to all matters relating to taxation and accounts.

They consider the accountant or CPA an extension of the long arm of the Tax Man.

They dislike the accounting professional for "giving bad news," they withhold facts from their CPA... well, you know the score.

Everyone has these clients, of course. However, the more of this type of CLIENTS you have, the more you'll be frustrated by the constant refusal of your advice and rejection of your help, having your expertise unappreciated on whole time basis, and whatnot.

However, it is less known that MOST clients of this type can be taught to understand the importance of financial knowhow so they will consider your accounting expertise valuable.

Client who values the expertise of the CPA... and the consulting accountantA far more motivating type of client is the business owner or executive who has realised that the expertise of the accounting professional is by far the most valuable resource for the proprietor.

This type of client understands how absolutely VITAL it is to receive accurate and timely financial information and to have an expert stand by to help with ideas.

This client comprehends that his success depends on making CORRECT DECISIONS AT THE RIGHT TIME, which in turn completely hinges on receiving correct information and sound advice from experts.

This client type values the knowhow and expertise of the accounting professional.

This client pays much more for the expertise than what he is billed for the routine performance of compliance services... and he usually also pays his bills promptly. Your reward is not only financial because these clients give your work more purpose and motivation also.

The more of this type of clients you have, the more profitable the practice and the more purposeful and satisfying your work becomes also.

And the path to making most or all of your clients belong in this category starts here:


Modern Accountancy Marketing Course: the guaranteed and proven method of acquiring better accounting clients

You CAN INFLUENCE how clients appreciate your services...Ignorant clients can be educated to understand the importance of financial planning and the value of your accounting expertise. Perhaps not everyone... but MOST.

With the correct help, YOU can make it happen.

And for that purpose, the Modern Accountancy Marketing Course is the only proven and complete set of tools and data in existence.

With these tools and with this knowledge, you can convert most "don't know and don't care" -cases so they begin to apply themselves also to financial planning and not only to their production and sales activities.

Clients who already appreciate accounting expertise can be FOUND from among those available in your local marketplace, but only if you know HOW.

There are very specific concepts that will attract this type of client, provided you communicate these in your marketing, listings, direct mailing letters and so on.

There's a list of very specific questions which will immediately reveal whether this prospective client is one of those truly valuable accounting clients who'll bring in a lot more income and, perhaps more importantly, give you a sense of accomplishment and achievement as an accounting professional.Acquire the tools and knowledge and you'll obtain results...

There are places and communication lines where you can find these appreciative clients, if only you know where to look and how to approach them.

With your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course, you will.

And with these tools and the Monthly Financial Consulting Service, you're not dependent of FINDING appreaciative clients.

With these tools, you can MAKE them.

You will get ways of educating business owners and executives in your prospecting and marketing activities on these matters. These methods essentially guarantee that a good number of those you contact will BEGIN to appreciate your knowhow then and there.

The knowledge and the tools to achieve these things are part and parcel of your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course.

This is the only system that can do this and now you've found it.

It's a system developed during several years of trial and error, finding the practical, ready-to-use tools that will bring new clients in the hands of an accounting professional with no need for prior experience of marketing.

It took YEARS of back-and-forth research, testing, adjustments and piloting with a score of independent accounting firms USING the system continuously before it was proven to be the one and only client-acquisition system that works with certainty and produces uniform results in the hands of any practising accounting professional using it.

You've no idea how HUGELY your expertise will be appreciated...Once you have these tools, obtaining new clients from your local marketplace becomes a set of easy-to-do steps, all of which you can do without any prior experience.

And if you HAVE marketing knowhow then you'll find it even easier to produce results with these tools... and to have OTHERS do so also.

The system also includes a simple monthly consulting service model that any accountant can easily perform...

...but the VALUE of this simple added-value service for businesses is tremendous.

In fact, one of the most pleasant surprises will be when you fully realise how little it takes to greatly impress business owners with your expertise.

And there are no tricks here. It is all just knowing HOW to present yourself and what exactly to say.

By survey and practical tests, we know that 85% of business owners consider this service model so desirable that if they only KNEW it was available somewhere, they'd instantly consider changing accountants.

Above all, your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is the most comfortable and pleasant to use of all systems. It will allow you to sell well while REMAINING in your role as an accounting professional instead of becoming a salesman.

The Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course comprises 12 parts covering every effective way of obtaining new clients of the appreciative kind from your local area.

It's written in a friendly and interesting manner and from the practical viewpoint of "how to obtain results," complete with tested tools that you can simply begin to use, no prior marketing / sales experience or training required.

The course is delivered as a subscription-based publication one part per month, with full right to terminate your subscription at any point. You can also acquire all 12 parts at bulk price.

Here's a brief part-by-part presentation:

Modern Accountancy Marketing Course Part 1

PART 1 brings you in-depth and unique research information on the feelings, considerations, beliefs and areas of ignorance of accounting clients. You will know their needs, wishes, hopes and fears exactly and know how to handle those (often hidden) preconceptions.

Many accountants in public practice are absolutely CERTAIN that they already KNOW what business owners want from accounting services and what they think about CPA firms and so on... and yet they're amazed when they read the detailed survey report which comes with Part 1 of the course.

In addition, Part 1 already introduces the Monthly Financial Consulting Service so that you can see what's coming and get the idea on how this unique added value service sits with you.

You will know exactly why business owners are so reluctant to change accountants and you'll know how to SOLVE this impasse.

You will learn to recognize various types of prospects and know with which ones it's wortwhile to invest your time.

You will achieve full certainty on WHAT clients value and want and HOW to present it.

You will know what's coming and you will have full certainty on being able to utilize the materials.

Part 1 contains 149 pages and a truly an eye-opening read. You'll also receive a full introduction to Part 2 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course.


Modern Accountancy Marketing Course Part 2

PART 2 gives you insider knowledge on direct mailing as it pertains specifically to finding the better type of accounting clients. Included are 13 ready-to-use letters to choose from, along with instructions and troubleshooting.

Part 2 offers you the knowhow of accountancy marketing as it relates to finding appreciative clients who are willing to pay for your expertise. Includes 13 unique direct mailing letters and several strategies of approach to choose from to suit your preferences.

You will know the pros and cons, opportunities and pitfalls of direct mailing and receive certainty on how to utilize this marketing method correctly without wasting money.

You'll know exactly how to define your ideal client and target these with your mailings.

You'll know how to implement direct mailing and maximise its results.

Part 2 measures 184 pages (plus bonus packs and downloads) and also contains a detailed introduction of Part 3 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course.


Modern Accountancy Marketing Course Part 3

PART 3 gives you a prospecting system based on telemarketing but with a difference. This comfortable approach is unlike any traditional telemarketing and it has been used used to acquire more than 10,000 top-quality prospective accounting clients.

Part 3 includes a unique system of prospecting that allows you to approach companies without being identified as offering something commercial. You get to interest the target person and define how interested they really are in your added value service BEFORE you offer them anything.

Includes the script used to obtain thousands of the best type of potential clients. Also includes precise instructions, training materials and troubleshooting so you can have almost anyone produce results with this system.

You will obtain a functioning method to contact any company to engage them in conversation about your trade without triggering the "we already have an accountant" -button.

You will be able to recognize the better type of client before you offer to present your services to them, thus giving you a way to preselect whom you work with as well as to avoid rejection.

You will secure a way to increase sales within days from the moment you start and at a cost of few dollars per prospective client.

Part 3 encompasses 176 pages (plus bonus packs and downloads), presenting also the next part (Part 4) of your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course in detail.


Modern Accountancy Marketing Course Part 4

PART 4 is gives you tested tools for presenting and selling your services "without selling." These ready to use tools guarantee that each prospective client realize the value of your services without you having to use superlatives about yourself.

Part 4 includes the interviews, forms and strategies on how to handle prospective clients and present your service to them so that they commit to your services then and there.

It also contains detailed information on how to deliver monthly consulting easily and profitably, offering a wide variety of alternatives that suit any denomination of accounting professionals at their own comfort level.

This type of service is easy for any accountant to deliver. It's built directly on the surveyed wishes of business owners and 85% of prospective clients will find it so desirable that once they're convinced that YOU deliver it, they'll be very willing to consider changing over to you or, at the very least, be ready to try it out before changing all their accounting work over to you (if indeed you even want to handle the more routine compliance services).

You have the certainty of tested presentation tools, allowing you to remain in your role as the consulting accountant without any need for making claims or turning into a sales person.

You will create a uniquely positive impression on every prospect and your offer of service is equally individual so it cannot be compared in price or content to any other service. More to the point, your Monthly Financial Consulting Service (or whatever you want to call it) will compare extremely well to any other service out there and be the winner in quality.

You'll receive absolute certainty on what to offer new clients to ensure more income, better profits and more cooperative and appreciative new clients.

Your marketing, client acquisition and service delivery will continually build up your image as a quality market leader among accounting / CPA firms in your local area.

Part 4 is 209 pages (plus bonus packs and downloads) and it presents the next part in detail at the end of this manual so you know what's coming next.


Modern Accountancy Marketing Course Part 5

PART 5 concentrates on very special, tailored and accountancy industry related sales closing techniques, developed and piloted solely for selling your expertise and knowhow as the main item of sale rather than offering routinely tasks as bookkeeping, tax filing, etc.

These techniques are there to help you clinch the deal without having to become a salesman. No one else will have these unique techniques and you'll be amazed at how effective these are DESPITE being also very comfortable for both you and the prospective client. You can remain in your comfortable role as an accounting professional and still get sales.

These tailor-made sales closing techniques will enable you to get great results from your meetings with prospective clients.

You will know the most successful accountancy tailored closing techniques and how to use them without unpleasantness or embarrassing situations.

Your success ratio from prospects to clients will clearly increase and help build your confidence in your ability to interest prospective clients and sign them onto your services.

You will know how to handle all the procrastination techniques of prospective clients and do it without pressure to either party.

You'll learn to recognize the different types of prospects and use the correct closing technique with each, thus further increasing your success ratio.

Part 5 consists of 195 pages (plus bonus packs and downloads) and presents the NEXT part of your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course so you know what's coming next.


Modern Accountancy Marketing Course Part 6

PART 6 expands the service concept and delivery of your expertise instead of routine actions, showing how you can sell MORE services to all bread-and-butter clients. Part 6 also offers new added value services and key points on pricing your expertize.

Part 6 advices how you can expand the delivery of your service to each client continually... and so that the CLIENTS will ask to buy more!

This part also gives you several added value services detailed for delivery and when to offer them so that clients practically snatch them off your hands.

Your services will attract more clients and you'll be able to sell more to each client, thus increasing your profit margine while gaining and edge over the local competition.

You will understand the true value of your own knowledge and learn to price your expertize accordingly AND easily justify the cost to the clients.

You will gain freedom from hourly rates and find a new way of pricing at value to the client, thus increasing your profit margin and increasing the viability of your firm.

You will learn a simple technique to ensure each client they really understand fully all that you tell them.

Part 6 contains 203 pages (plus bonus packs and downloads) and it presents the next part of your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course for your consideration.


Modern Accountancy Marketing Course Part 7

PART 7 gives you a professional client-satisfaction system tailored specifically for accounting clients. These tools are guaranteed to make clients more aware of the value of your services, lengthening the average client- relationship and bringing in LOTS more referrals.

You will learn what causes most clients not to understand the true value of what they receive from your services and how this can greatly affect how timely they pay your fees and whether they buy MORE services.

I guarantee you will find the simplicity of this principle very, VERY useful and interesting. It also directly affects the degree to which they are active in bringing you referrals. Part 7 includes a large set of ready to use client satisfaction tools for creating a high level of satisfaction towards your services.

You will have a quick and easy way to help clients REALIZE how much they receive from your services. Being appreciated and even admired for your help can change the whole outlook you have on customer service.

You will be able to find out how much your expertise is actually appreciated AND you know how to secure practically hundreds of golden opportunities to sell MORE services to existing clients.

Your client-satisfaction program will further increase your image as the quality market leader in your local area, building goodwill and making other marketing efforts pay more dividends.

Part 7 consists of 213 pages (plus bonus packs and downloads) and it also introduces the next part of your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course so that you know what's coming next.


Modern Accountancy Marketing Course Part 8

PART 8 is a clever, top-level referral program that's easy to implement and inexpensive to maintain.
Learn how to harness your clients' willingness to give you many more of those valuable referrals.

A long list of different tools is included for starting a referral program that's inexpensive and fast, yet impressively effective:

With this system, you can easily quadruple the number referrals! Included are all the ready-to-use tools for this ingenious and detailed referral program.

You learn why most clients won't bring referrals and how to handle those barriers to tap into the power of your clients' networks.

You will know how to capitalize on the hard work you've put in with clients over the years and unleash this potential energy to bring your new referrals on continuous basis.

You will have ready to use tools with which to start the referral program immediately when you want, with no time wasted in preparation and little effort required running this referral program.

Part 8 consists of 206 pages (plus bonus packs and downloads) and also presents the next part of your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course so you can make an informed decision about continuing your subscription.


Modern Accountancy Marketing Course Part 9

PART 9 offers a unique and cost- effective system for finding outsourcing assignments so that you can easily tempt (and acquire) those bigger corporations to outsource their accounting functions (and even whole financial department) over to your firm.

A single big outsourcing client can represent tens of thousands in monthly fees. But these big fish aren't easy to catch... and the secret lies in approaching them correctly and at the right time... BEFORE they've actually DECIDED in favour of outsourcing their in-house accounting functions.

You also receive insider information on WHAT to offer and WHEN to do it in order to have your outsourcing quotes accepted successfully. But be warned: A SINGLE new outsourcing client can mean more monthly fees than 10-40 average clients... so use these tools with caution!

You will know what it is these bigger clients are looking for and how you can FIND them at the right time.

You will learn how to approach them the right way to make them consider outsourcing as a viable option to in-house accounting work.

You will obtain the tools to be on the lookout for these big outsourcing clients without any need to spend a penny in costs.

Acquiring a few larger clients will enhance your image as the quality market leader among accounting firms locally.

Part 9 measures 168 pages (plus bonus packs and downloads) and naturally also gives a concise presentation of the next part for your consideration.


Modern Accountancy Marketing Course Part 10

PART 10 offers several fresh and ingenious methods and tools for effective and comfortable networking in your community. The manual also includes the basics of public relations to maximize the power of word-of-mouth for you.

Networking is intimately connected with public relations (PR) but you'll be amazed to learn exactly in WHICH WAY.

Included in this package are several fresh and effective networking techniques that will save you from ever having to network empty-handed.

Instead, you will know how to offer networking partners something THEY want in return for referrals. Part 10 includes all the tools required for these effective networking systems.

You will have an exact plan how to make your good work known locally in the community, thus further strengthen your competitive edge.

You will be able to initiate totally new and exciting networking ideas in your area, getting the results for being first and receiving the acclaim for being the originator of highly valued networking methods locally.

You will receive a lot more new clients of the best kind who want your expertise and are willing to pay for it.

Part 10 encompasses 199 pages, presenting also the next part of your course.


Modern Accountancy Marketing Course Part 11

PART 11 gives you the tools and secrets of easily educating your target audience to "cultivate" new clients continually and without spending any time at it, once set up. Learn to get business owners to study the benefits of your expertise & pay for the privilege...

It's not commonly known what tremendous benefits are available to the practitioner through the use of some simple educational activities.

In Part 11 you'll learn how to NURTURE a constant flow of new, motivated clients from your target audience with little or no work...

You will have the tools to become publicly recognized as the most knowledgeable and leading accounting firm in your community.

You will know how to publish information, create information products, sell your knowhow in manuals and actually EARN money while promoting your accounting firm.

You'll learn how to acquire glowingly positive publicity for free and turn your firm into a trade mark of accountancy excellence in your area and beyond.

You will learn to utilize publicity and media, the Internet included, and receive free advertizing of the kind you want.

Invaluable tools also for future expansion to other areas for your firm... learn how to prepare the ground for your successful launching of a new branch!

Part 11 covers 208 pages and explains in details also what you'll receive in the final part of your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course.


Modern Accountancy Marketing Course Part 12

PART 12 gives you a sellable manual called Business Owner's Profit Guide (with resell rights for your firm) so you can get PAID for marketing... and you also receive a guide for the knowhow on selling your publication successfully.

Part 12 is actually two manuals:

The first is a 97-page sellable manual called "BUSINESS OWNER'S PROFIT GUIDE: How to obtain profit-producing information from your accounting service?"

This is a highly interesting book for business owners, teaching them to THINK for themselves on how much MORE they could receive from accounting. They will learn to evaluate accounting services as well as choose the firm that offers the best service... and that firm will be yours!

This is a major "best-seller" within the industry and it is intended to be sold BEFORE the client signs onto your services.

You get the unlimited rights to sell this manual within your practice and pocket all the proceeds.

The second manual of Part 12 of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course is 76 pages and includes the strategies on how to get this manual sold in numbers. It also gives the full top-secret strategy of this method... and you'll be amazed at how well your sellable manual will make clients convince themselves that YOUR firm is the best!

You will take hold of your local market as a recognized publisher of a unique guide that most business owners will want.

You will have a way to sell to businesses without ANY reference to changing accountants, thus obtaining a big competitive edge over all other accounting firms in the area, regardless of size.

Your manual will ensure that those who buy it will use their own time to learn to appreciate your services and expertise... and come to ASK to sign on as your client.

You will EARN MONEY while marketing your own services and acquiring a continuous flow of best type of clients, those who appreciate your expertise and are also willing to pay for it.

After having sold a few hundred manuals, you will have accomplished the position of quality market leader in your community.


Modern Accountancy Marketing Course — offering you the freedom to decide your future

You decide the future of your firm...You cannot decide what your competitors will do in future... but you can decide what your direction will be.

Obviously, if you decide to develop your firm and services, enhance your marketing reach, energize the PULL of your services in the local market... well, then it matters not a whole deal WHAT your competitors do in future.

And that's the idea with your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course.

This unique system offers you the freedom to decide your future toward a more viable and prosperous direction.

The system comes without ANY catches. You buy it and it's yours to use in your practice as you see fit.

You receive ready-to-use tools, new information, instructions and even troubleshooting tools that give you the experiences of using these methods thousands of times, so if you face a problem you'll know how to solve it.

Your Modern Accountancy Marketing Course gives you full control of client-acquisition and competition locally. It's in YOUR hands completely and you'll never be dependent on anyone or anything in creating a more prosperous future for yourself and your firm.

This is the way to fulfilling your goals and beyond.


Empowering you and your accounting firm

Empowering you and your firm...This system will empower you to achieve your goals and give the tools to motivate your team to work hard toward those same objectives.

And let's not forget this little gem:

Acquiring this system and installing it in your firm will in itself greatly increase the value of your practice.

When it's time to cash in on your life's work, the value of having a fully independent way of obtaining new clients of the best and most profitable kind will be an important factor for the potential buyer.

Don't go just for any new clients or a campaign to obtain a few.

Choose Modern Accountancy Marketing Course and you'll secure the SOURCE of the knowledge, the SYSTEM TOOLS... the WORKS for your OWN FIRM, ensuring you can acquire new clients at any time you want in any quantity you require.

Knowledge and exceptional insight are the strengths of this system. Those are also why the system can be operated successfully by any accounting professional at an affordable and sustainable cost.

This minutely documented system will RETAIN the knowledge and skills of client-acquisition within your firm, making each task easy to transfer to anyone so they'll start obtaining results immediately.

Think what it would mean to possess such a functional system as an edge over the local accounting firm competition.

Think what it would mean to be able to acquire new clients at will.

Think what it means to be able to pull in the BEST kind of client and how such clients will influence your own quality of life.

Think what it will mean to have a systemized method with ready tools and troubleshooting so you can easily hat your juniors to do each task from prospecting to sales and service delivery.

Think how much having such systems will impress a potential buyer and increase the future value of your practice.

That's true freedom and full control over your own future.


Cost of your freedom to build your future...Cost of Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

Purchased individually (separately, not within a subscription), each part of the course costs $297.00 per part with the exception of Part 12 which is priced at $997.00...

... and believe me, the results this system can bring you are worth that... thousands of times over. However, right now we have a special offer:

As a special campaign and only you can secure this priceless information and set of tools for a special subscription offer:

Right now and until the above date we have a special promotional campaign for course subscriptions you can obtain the course at only...

$97.00 per part

That's right, only ninety-seven US dollars per part, saving a huge bundle of money with each part of your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course!

And right now we also have a special offer that allows you to order ALL 12 PARTS at once at more than 60% bulk discount by choosing this option on the secure order form, paying only $447.00 for everything including the bonuses.

Part 1 explains the basic concept of this system along with the guidelines on how to deliver a unique BASIC added-value service which 85% of business owners want but think unavailable... so you'll know exactly what's coming once you've read Part 1.

A month after receiving Part 1 you'll be sent Part 2 at only $9+§+7.00... and each following part similarly at the pace of one manual per month... until you've received all 12 parts OR you've terminated your subscription.

Remember that if you choose the monthly subscription plan, you can terminate your subscription at any time as long as you give us four business days' notice before the delivery date of your next scheduled part... so you have everything to win and nothing to lose.

You can also SPEED UP or SLOW DOWN the rate at which you receive parts of the course during your subscription, if the need for that arises and you've opted for the one-part-per-month subscription.

See terms and conditions for exact details on our secure order page, the link to which is also at the end of this presentation.

Trust me, this valuable and unique set of workable tools has NEVER been offered at this low price.

I promise this system will be the best investment you'll ever make for your firm.

However, just to help you make the right decision now, I'm also offering a special collection of BONUSES available only a short while:


Order your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course and you will receive these special bonuses absolutely FREE with your course

Subscribe now and you will receive these unique, high-value bonuses free of charge as your subscription progresses:

An hour of my personal consulting time to be used at any time on any subject during your subscription after the delivery of Part 3 of the course (value $275.00)
Full system for easy monitoring of prospecting and its results (as well as where to put your attention if you get fewer results than expected), valued at $197.00 and delivered with Part 3 of the course
Four-colour Accounting service presenter kit to use with prospective clients, ready to print with ink jet, valued at $297.00, delivered with Part 5 of your course
Manual "How to get others to sell your services successfully" — giving you valuable techniques on how to delegate sales duties to personnel so that you can get results and keep it all under control with minimum time and effort, valued at $197.00, delivered with Part 5 of your course
Four-colour presenter kit for use in outsourcing — ready to print, valued at $350.00, delivered with Part 9 of the course. Click here to read more about the Accounting Service Presenter Kit
Four-colour presenter kit for use in networking — ready to print, valued at $350.00, delivered with Part 10 of the course
A set of 10 full-length newsletters for use with your prospective clients — all ready for use by including your contact details, valued at $497.00 but yours for free with Part 10 of the course.
Accounting Professional's Recession Survival Strategy Guide — a unique 247-page guide to learning how you can do better during economic downturns and harness its forces to give you lots more business and profits, valued at $197.00 and delivered with Part 12 of the course.

All of these bonuses are yours for free during the course delivery as scheduled above if you subscribe now.

Do the math and I think you'll agree that the total value of these bonuses combined with total savings on each of the 12 parts that you receive by subscribing now are quite spectacular.

And if you compare the cost with what you can achieve with these tools...

Make no mistake, these additional bonuses are of high value and they sell well. But as they're mine to give, I do so because I absolutely don't want you to bypass this opportunity to get the Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course and to become the quality market leader in your area and a master marketer of your own services.

But I can only extend this offer for a short while so please don't miss the deadline.


Delivery of Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course

Delivery of the materials is easy and convenient.Each part is 150-200 pages and most parts include additional materials and downloads.

This course is delivered during a 12-month schedule, one part a month but you can speed up the schedule at will, or take one or more parts in between the monthly schedule.

You can also take three longer breaks during your subscription if you so wish, up to three months each time instead of the one month interval.

The manuals are located on a secret members-only web site and pages. You will be sent an e-mail giving you the URL (web address link) which you simply CLICK to get to a page on our web site where you can download the manual in question.

Each of the 12 manuals is delivered as a PDF file. This Portable Document File uses Acrobat Reader software which is pre-installed in all computers since well before year 2000.

Downloading a manual is extremely easy and we stand by to render assistance in the unlikely event that you should experience difficulties.

The PDF file is easy to use on your screen and you can easily copy text and graphics from it. Specific materials, such as direct mailing letter text, forms, questionnaires and graphics will also be available as separate downloads for you on our site.

Once you place your order, you will get the first issue within 24 hours... and you're ready to go!


You've earned this opportunity the hard way... so don't lose it now

Thank you for all the work you've put into reading this presentation and familiarizing yourself with the contents of Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course.

If you want to see what your colleagues say about these materials then click here to read some of their testimonials.

The only way you can really SEE and FEEL the uniqueness and efficiency of this system is by subscribing so you receive Part 1 to read.

I've made your risk very low and I've piled up the benefits high for you just so you could subscribe with confidence and try it out for yourself.

Your Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course lets you harness your true abilities and utilize your full potential.

It's your road to obtaining higher profits and appreciation which you so genuinely deserve. It's the way of reaching those goals you've dreamed about.

Order now by clicking the link below and you will receive your delivery of Modern Accountancy Marketing & Sales Course materials within hours!


your Modern Accountancy Marketing
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Modern Accountancy Marketing Course — detailed part presentation
Part 1: Read why it is so vitally important to know exactly what your target audience wants and approach them from that precise angle. Part 2: Read how direct mailing works and how it doesn't... and why you must have the correct message down to inch perfect for results... Part 3: Read about the world's most successful method of finding potential clients through telemarketing, obtaining more than 10,000 prospects.

Part 4: The perfect presentation system and how it works.

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Part 5: Read about the importance of having especially tailored sales closing techniques suitable for accountancy to use at the right time... Part 6: Read how you can expand your Monthly Financial Consulting Service and add value, increase profits, all the while that you're helping clients.
Part 7: Read about the unique toolkit for making your clients SEE how much you're doing for them... using client-satisfaction for the RIGHT reasons! Part 8: Why is it so hard to obtain referrals and why do clients do so little to bring us referrals? Read how you can quadruple the flow of referrals... Part 9: These are the tools for tempting BIG companies into outsourcing their accounting functions to your firm — but use these carefully!
Part 10: If you thought networking and PR are boring or ineffective, read this article and learn how to gain the upper edge in competition! Part 11: Learn the power of educating your target group and prospects... and acquire the systems to do so without authoring a word... Part 12: Having your own "starter product" to sell to prospects could make you a very happy practitioner with time and money to spend at your leisure...

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Why is it so important that the system
is based on ready-to-use tools?

Why is it so vital that your accountancy marketing system
includes a troubleshooting tools giving the experience
of thousands of times of use for each main tool and method?

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