S.J., an accounting professional from United States asks fir a quick and easy way to build individual and corporate clients and monthly bookkeeping customers without telemarketing.

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CPA Marketing Challenge: "To find a quick and easy way to build individual and corporate clients and monthly bookkeeping customers without telemarketing."

Dear Ms J,

Thank you for your challenge I received via my web site.

Your challenge is to find a quick and easy way to build individual and corporate clients and monthly bookkeeping customers without telemarketing.

Ms J, here's what I would do:


Terms "quick and easy" in connection with obtaining new clients are contradictory to the existing scenario of COMPETITION within the marketplace for bookkeeping simply because the SUPPLY of bookkeeping services greatly EXCEEDS THE DEMAND.

Those bookkeepers who have a good number of clients have worked quite hard to acquire their clientele and their success is not caused by luck or fate.

Admittedly, luck plays SOME role in client-acquisition.

You meet someone at a social gathering, get talking about "shop," enjoy their company... and then find out the person is looking for a bookkeeping service... and you exchange phone numbers... and he turns out to be a substantial client who has a huge network of other business owners to whom he unreservedly recommends you, thus bringing in a healthy flow of referrals year in year out.

But in the final analysis, even the above example isn't totally dependent on LUCK, really.

The bookkeeper must have been someone who likes spreading the message about his or her services. He or she must have a passion for the work and ideas of serving clients that surpass the average bookkeeping firm's thinking.

The bookkeeping firm's owner in question must have had KNOWLEDGE of what clients what and how to EXPLAIN his/her services in a way that coincides with what clients truly WANT.

I know this sounds a bit simplistic but, in actual fact, the DEGREE of "ease and quickness" of acquiring clients is wholly dependent on how you APPROACH people (potential clients).

Knowing what clients want, knowing how to communicate with them so they see a difference in your attitude (because you communicate issues from THEIR viewpoint, not from your own, not using self-promoting claims) IS the key to "easy and quick" client-acquisition.

Thus, KNOWLEDGE is the only thing that can replace hard graft, huge efforts, excessive time consumption and cost-ridden methods of acquiring new clients.

Granted, you still need a way to get in communication with potential clients, but there are ways of doing that quite naturally and without much effort... which, yet again, come under the heading of "knowing how" or knowledge.

I'm often puzzled at the widespreadness of insistence by accounting professionals to "know everything" without acquiring the knowledge.

There's no shame in admitting you don't know everything about marketing your services... you are, after all, the expert in DELIVERING those services and the marketing angle of it is a totally separate field of expertise.

Our Modern Accountancy Marketing Course offers ALL the above knowledge and then some, all acquired through a 3-year marketing pilot program conducted in cooperation with more than 40 accounting practices... so it's not MY ideas but the tested and proven systems that work in the hands of any accountant or bookkeeper.

It provides the knowledge and that's its main goal also. It is 12 parts and more than 2,400 pages, covering some TEN different methods of acquiring new clients, of which telemarketing (with a difference, by the way) is but ONE.

This information pack is the ultimate in acquiring the knowledge to make contact naturally and, above all, have the knowledge to GET RESULTS from those contacts at a success ratio that's too high that any accountant would or could BELIEVE it before they have the materials.

Suffice to say that acquiring clients is difficult and costly ONLY because of lack of knowledge. Luck comes to those who KNOW what to do, what to say, how to approach a prospect and how to make THEM realise the uniqueness of your services and, literally, ease them into WANTING your services.

That way, you can play hard to get and THEY will "chase" you for the privilege of signing onto your services.

With knowledge, "quick and easy" is possible in client-acquisition for your bookkeeping firm.

Without it, it is not.



Once you have the knowhow on how to approach prospects, it's time to choose the METHOD of achieving contacts.

Your chosen method of contact needs to be within your comfort zone, a way that sits well with you and does not necessitate you to become a sales person.

Let me stress here that "quick and easy" really means "highly successful utilization of the opportunities you HAVE."

I mean, you need the knowledge on how to go about it if you ever want quick and easy results. I know of no other way if we stay in the realm of realities of the current accounting & bookkeeping marketplace and its competition scenario with supply far exceeding the demand.

You do NOT need telemarketing if you have ways of achieving contact with prospective clients in a natural way... and you know how to maximise those contacts.

The Modern Accountancy Marketing Course offers many unique and intelligent ways of achieving just that.

There's a unique set of networking methods, many of which are totally new to the industry but definitely intelligent ways of achieving lots of contacts from exactly the right kind of prospects.

There's a referral program that is by far the most comprehensive in existence, equipped with unique ready-to-use tools that absolutely guarantee a healthy flow of these valuable contacts with a dazzling 95% sign-on success ratio.

There are tools to use publications (and a ready-to-sell manual) to have your prospects work on their own time to see the uniqueness of your services.

There's how to become the market leader locally in prospecting through the Internet. There's how to use direct mail marketing to acquire new clients (and a set of 11 ready direct mailing letters with instructions) so you won't have to telemarket.

And there's even a set of tools for telemarketing which we do NOT suggest YOU should do on your own.

Quite the contrary, with the ready script and instructions, you can easily find someone to do it for a set fee per prospect.

There's even a training manual for telemarketers included if you choose to employ someone to do it part-time.



So there ARE ways of achieving contact with prospective clients but obviously these ways are not commonly known within the accounting / bookkeeping industry.

If they were, everyone would be using them and they would lose their efficiency.

In an "overcrowded" competitive market of the accounting industry, it all comes down to this:

Do YOU have the knowledge and the tools of contacting prospects that are superior to those of your competitors?

If you do then acquiring new clients will be easier and quicker than it is for your competitors.

The longer you use your knowledge and your tools then the easier and quicker it will be to find new clients as the word gets around (your clients spreading the word about your better services) and your contacts are met with more interest, more awareness of your status and so on.

Once it has been kept going for a few months, a year or two... well, the resulting quantity and QUALITY of new clients will seem nothing short of a miracle to the uninitiated who do not understand the importance of superior knowledge and contact methods for an accounting / bookkeeping firm.

But if you are looking for a miracle without any participation from your end, without acquiring superior knowledge and tools compared to what your competitors have... well, then I guess Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy is whom you should contact (grin)!

I sincerely recommend acquiring the Modern Accountancy Marketing Course. If you're interested to read the presentation, please log onto

The system works for bookkeeping firms equally well than for CPAs.

Thank you for your challenge and I hope my reply has given you something to go on. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Best wishes,

Harry Kafka
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